Our motivation for the initiative

Many resources that we use for everyday living are finite and will be used up one day. If we don‘t treat them responsibly today we will experience a shortage in the near future. Not only will this affect our lifestyle but it may also lead to economic and political instability.

In addition to this, we have to consider the negative effects on the environment. These result, on the one hand, from extraction and processing of raw materials which is energy intensive. And, on the other hand, from  incorrect handling of waste which unnecessarily impacts the environment.

Why recycle?

To support sustainable production and consumption for the next generations recycling is necessary. The term describes the process of collecting, separating and reprocessing of waste into new materials. By reusing raw materials we can conserve our natural resources.

Let‘s go!

We from Henkel Beauty Care believe that small measures can result in big improvements. Separating waste, using a cloth bag for shopping, printing out documents only when necessary – these and other measures can make a real difference.


We initiated “Be smarter. Recycle.” to inspire consumers to take a few simple steps towards a more sustainable conduct. You want to decrease your use of resources and support recycling? Let‘s start today!

Just to give you an idea: recycling cans made from aluminum produces 95 percent less CO2 and 97 percent less water pollution than the extraction of primary aluminum. And the production of recycled paper not only produces less CO2 but saves up to 60 percent energy and 70 percent water compared to the production of primary fiber paper.


By recycling we increase the amount of reprocessed waste - saving a significant amount of energy, reducing pollution and even generating new jobs. And the best thing is: it is easy!

“Be smarter. Recycle.”

is an initiative by Henkel Beauty Care (including the brands Schauma, Fa and Theramed), to create awareness for the responsible use of resources and encourage recycling. This is a matter close to our heart as we, with the large variety of products we offer, also feel that we have a large responsibility. If you support us by correctly disposing our packaging, for example, you can effect a change each and every day. At the same time we are continuously working on optimizing the weight and volume of our products and packaging where possible. In this way we save transport weight and accordingly CO2 emissions.


Read more on sustainability at Henkel Beauty Care in our current sustainability report.